940nm infrared laser

940nm infrared laser

940nm infrared laser which has the characteristics of high brightness, high modulation frequency and pure spectrum. It is suitable for scientific research, medicine, infrared lighting, welding and other fields.

The light source is controlled by a touch screen, which can easily set parameters such as output power, frequency, and duty cycle. At the same time, for the convenience of use, the light source also provides an external control interface. Customers can use the TTL modulation port to synchronize the light-on and off-time of the laser with the external control signal. A key switch on the front panel ensures that only authorized personnel can access the light source.

  • 940nm Infrared Laser-20W

    940nm Infrared Laser-20W

    940nm Laser-W20


    Output Power :0~20W(customizable 400W)

    Fiber optic connector:SMA905

    Supply voltage:24VDC

    It has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable operation, low power consumption, high efficiency and long working life, and is widely used in industry, ranging, radar and other fields.

  • 940nm Infrared Laser-3000

    940nm Infrared Laser-3000

    Thermal printing

    Material Inspection

    Scanning Biochemistry