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Erbium Tech - To create laser miracles

Erbium Tech focuses on the overall research and development and  manufacturing of the whole industry chain of 1535nm, such as high-end eye-safe lasers, glass and rangefinders. With the purpose of pursuing safe, professional, technological and innovative products, we provide the best quality for high-tech elites and our brand value is also favored by those elites. Erbium Tech insists on the philosophy of “great technology will bring the best products”, thus, we always carry forward the spirit of ingenuity to realize the long-term development of our products.

Erbium Tech was founded in 2016, have a steady development, until now, there are more than 200 employees with 12,000 square meters of office building and factory. In addition, we have attained more than 30 patents, and cooperate with universities, related enterprises and institutions on research, design, and manufacturing. In 2022, we have bought up DEEB Optical (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. And Nanchong Guangnan Optical Co., Ltd. and become a group company.

The present world communicates and connects through technology.

We own a professional, energetic and passionate team on research, development, design, and selling. In the spirit of constant challenging and concentration, our company is always among the the worlds’ leading ranks, wins good reputation in America, European countries, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle east countries. We have become the first choice of many international and domestic scientific research institutions and universities.

Following with high global standards, we innovate, challenge and have established win-win cooperation with our clients. “Quality” and “Service” are our first priority. We provide advanced, excellent products with reasonable price and also after-sales service for global clients. We keep developing leading technology. With years of development, our products have been used in many domestic and abroad projects, and have become trustworthy products. As a reliable supplier,we look forward to having long-term cooperation you.

Our Culture

Our Targets

Our core competence is based on the professional photoelectric products, which enable Erbium Tech has become a mainstream supplier of optoelectronics and laser products.

We tend to build up a long-term business relation with clients, to meeting various high-quality and high-reliability application requirements for clients, to customized products in accordance with clients’ requirement.

Our Future Vision

To become one of the worlds’ leading companies in the field of optoelectronics

Our Conception

Basing on our mutual trust, we form a business system integrating profound technology and laser development and precision manufacturing.

Our Tasks

To provide the best laser and photoelectric products through our independent research and development.

To provide the best service to our clients and to help them achieve the biggest values.

Our Standards

Erbium Tech has obtain a number of national patents by working with the professional team and profound technology.

We will continue to increase technical investment, accumulation of core technologies and key capabilities to add more invention patents and more utility model patents.

Our Orientation

The advocate of technological manufacturing

Based on scientific and technological innovation, we believe the wisdom of creation, take industry development, innovative products and services as core to create a great quality of eye-safe laser products, to meet the needs of modern industry development, to build trust with our clients.

The world’s leading company

We adopt and create technology research and development to achieve a win-win situation, join together with our clients to produce advanced products, and become the world's leading eye-safe laser company.

Developing with confidence

As a professional scientific and technological company, we always base on construction of science and technology system to set up industry benchmark of eye-safe laser products, enhance quality and confidence, to provide internal power for  development.

Our Story

Profession, first of all, is an attitude that make us fully devote to research and development work. The second is focus, perseverance, continuous thinking, innovation, and improvement.

With the rapid development of the world economy, the innovation and development of science and technology are also changing the way of human life.The founder was well aware of the power of science and technology and the importance of science and technology research and development, so he devoted himself to the field of eye-safe lasers. With the research and development team, he created products that leading the whole eye-safe laser industry chain of global technology. Therefore,  “Erbium Technology” was born.

Erbium Tech believes scientific and professional development of eye-safe laser. We pays tribute to global scientific and technological innovation and learn from it. Working together with our productivity team, all the raw material is created with ingenuity, and every detail displays the great quality of our products.

We constantly pursue innovation to ensure that each product achieves the perfect integration of functionality and safety. By so far, we have achieved our value with  develop eye-safe laser products and stand out in this field, thus, Erbium Tech is formed — the expert of eye-safe laser.

Our spirit of research and development bringing everyone confidence and courage. With courage, tenacity and confidence, we are optimistic to cope with difficulties in our life, to break through the dark night and see the stars.

Quility Control

In accordance with standards:

Temperature (-40°C,55°): In accordance with MIL-STD-810G Method 501.5 and Method 502.5.

Vibration: In accordance with MIL-STD-810G “Composite Wheeled Vehicle Method 514.6C-3 / Category 4”

Pressure (2500 m): In accordance with MIL-STD-810G Method 500.5 Procedure 2.

Humidity (30°C,60°C and %95 Relative Humidity): In accordance with MIL-STD-810G Method 507.5

Shock: (20g, 11ms in all axes): In accordance to MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure 1

Electronics: In accordance with MIL-STD 461F "Army, Ground" (CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102, RS103)

Protection: ≥IP51

Our Lab

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factory (9)
factory (11)
factory (12)

Workshop production drawing

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Workshop production drawing

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Micro assembly line

aersd (7)

Denso production line

aersd (13)

Super Depth of Field Microscope

aersd (14)

Probe station

aersd (16)

Laser marking machine

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Reflow oven

aersd (19)

Sintering furnace

aersd (15)

Electronic welding machine

aersd (18)

Automatic dispensing machine

aersd (17)

Push-pull tester

aersd (12)

bonding station

aersd (3)

Laser sealing and welding equipment

aersd (9)

Parallel welding equipment

aersd (8)
aersd (20)

leak detection equipment


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