Infrared/low light level movement

Infrared/low light level movement

  • Low light movement

    Low light movement

    Technical indicators Item category Basic parameter Model IFR-M-800×600/1920×1280 IFR-M-1920×1280 Target size One inch 1/2.9 inch Resolution 800×600/1920×1280 1920×1080 Cell size 18μm/9.9μm 2.8μm Low light 0.001lux/0.0001lux 0.001lux/0.0001lux   Gain control Automatic / Manual Automatic / Manual Dynamic Range 67dB 67dB Boot time <4S <4S Output image format LVDS/SDI etc. LVDS/SDI etc. Sync mo...
  • 355nm Integrated UV laser-8w

    355nm Integrated UV laser-8w

    covers 4W/6W/8W in laser power with short pulse width (<20ns@30K) ,superior beam quality (M²<1.2) and perfect laser spot quality (beam circularity >90%). K-6 series laser is ideal for high-end ultra-precise processing as well as marking in mobile phone shell , package of cosmetics, food, medicine and other high polymer materials, PCB, LCD, glassware surface, metal’s cladding material, plastic keypad, electronic component, gift, communication device, construction material and other areas.

  • Low light movement

    Low light movement

    As an ultra-low-light black and white, this movement is also a movement design. equipment, output SDI signal externally, intervene in the corresponding auxiliary display screen,It mainly realizes the monitoring and observation of the external situation in the day and night environment,assist the driver in normal driving in low light environment, high-definition black White video restores situational information in low-light environments, with good excellent image effect and comfortable viewing experience

  • Universal Infrared Movement

    Universal Infrared Movement

    Based on Broad micro / Arrow, resolution 384×288/640×512

    Clear image, low NETD and MRTD (MRTD: 200mK~450mK)

    Adopt scene adaptive image processing and detail enhancement algorithm Strong environmental adaptability

    (high and low temperature, impact resistance)

    Rich user interface (Camera link, BT656, Lvds, etc.)

  • Uncooled polarized infrared core set

    Uncooled polarized infrared core set

    With the development of detection technology, the precision and sensitivity of infrared detection are getting higher and higher, but due to the limitation of the inherent characteristics of traditional infrared signals, the probability of target discovery and identification is difficult to improve. The infrared polarization imaging technology can comprehensively obtain multi-dimensional feature information such as the intensity, polarization and image of the target, effectively improve the contrast between the target and the background, highlight the details of the target, enhance the target recognition effect, and effectively identify infrared camouflage targets under low contrast. , distinguish natural background from man-made objects, etc.

  • High-resolution, ultra-compact, shutterless IR movement

    High-resolution, ultra-compact, shutterless IR movement

    The high-resolution ultra-small blockless infrared core components developed by our company have two resolutions of 384×288 and 640×480. The new blockless technology based on the scene correction algorithm has clear product images, low NETD and MRTD, and full Low power consumption in temperature range (less than 1.0W@-40 to 60℃). Compact structure, small size (28mm×28mm), light weight (32g), strong environmental adaptability (high and low temperature, impact resistance), can meet diversified customer needs.

  • Long Wave Uncooled Infrared (1280) Movement

    Long Wave Uncooled Infrared (1280) Movement

    1280×1024 uncooled infrared core components, using excellent image algorithm to ensure the core has good image performance in various environments, with analog output and cameralink digital video output,can be widely used in seekers, vehicles, sights and other occasions

  • Fixture thermal imaging camera

    Fixture thermal imaging camera

    Technical indicators Item category  Basic parameter Detector performance     Detector   French PICO uncooled focal plane detector Resolution 384×288 Cell spacing 17um Working band 8μm-14μm Image performance   Frame rate 50Hz Brightness and contrast adjustment adjustable Electronic zoom 2x/4x electronic magnification Power supply   Power suppluy range DC4.5V~16V Power consumption ≤1.2W@25℃ Start time...
  • External Infrared Thermal Imager

    External Infrared Thermal Imager

    The external infrared thermal imager is applied to the night vision goggles of the airborne soldier helmet, which can be used in day, night and adverse weather conditions.It can also be used alone as a portable infrared observation mirror for airborne troops for battlefield observation and target search. The product is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption and easy to operate.

  • Target movement

    Target movement

    Technical indicators Item category Basic parameter Model IFR-H90-384×288/640×512 IFR-H100-640×512 Detector type Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector Resolution 384×288/640×512 640×512 Cell spacing 17µm/25µm 12μm NETD ≤60mK@25℃,F#1.0 ≤50mk image mode Automatic / Manual Automatic / Manual MRTD ≤240mk ≤400mk Polarity Black hot/White hot Black hot/White hot Output image format PAL...
  • Cooled infrared movement

    Cooled infrared movement

    640 refrigeration movement, using refrigeration medium wave 640*512 infrared focal plane detectors, with sophisticated image processing algorithms in a variety of Provides clear infrared images in ambient conditions, with digital andAnalog two-way output, can be widely used in security monitoring, car night video, temperature monitoring, etc.

  • Forest fire monitoring infrared thermal imager

    Forest fire monitoring infrared thermal imager

    Technical indicators Item category Basic parameter Thermal imager Thermal imager Uncooled thermal imaging cameras Detector Ulis pico640/384 Resolution 640×480 / 384×288 Lens Support customer customization NETD