250nm-280nm UV light laser

250nm-280nm UV light laser

The 250nm ultraviolet light source adopts imported ultraviolet LED, which has the characteristics of high brightness, high modulation frequency, and pure spectrum. It is suitable for scientific research, ultraviolet light communication, medicine, food hygiene and other fields.

  • 250nm-280nm UV light laser-2mW

    250nm-280nm UV light laser-2mW

    Wavelength :250nm, 255nm, 260nm, 275nm, 280nm (optional)

    Output power :0~2mW

    Divergence angle : 25 degrees (with symbols), other divergence angles can be customized.

    Supply voltage :230 VAC 50 – 60 Hz (115 VAC optional)

    It has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable operation, low power consumption, high efficiency and long working life, and is widely used in industry, ranging, radar and other fields.