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About Us

About Us

Erbium Technology (ChengDu) Co., Ltd takes eye-safe lasers as our main products, such as, 1535nm, 1570nm and 1064nm wavelength lasers, and extend our business to the whole chain of laser products. With mature technology and stable performance, our products have sold and won great reputation from all over the world. With excellent one-to-one customization and after-sales service, we will help to solve any technical problems to make our customers with smoothly operating of all products. We are always striving to produce the best laser products and looking forward to having you join us together to create a better laser world.

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Our Advantages

  • High-end and high-technology products
    High-end and high-technology products

    Our products have reached the international advanced level. Erbium glass lasers and OPO lasers are able to achieve over 10mj and 150mj pulse energy respectively, and laser rangefinder modules have over 300km ranging ability. In addition, with the same size, we have successfully developed modules with the function of measuring direction and speed of wind, temperature and humidity.

  • Wide-net of selling market
    Wide-net of selling market

    Our company has business cooperation with dealers in countries that are professional in optoelectronics, such as, America, Germany, Israel, Singapore, and Turkey, etc, and wins good reputation from them.

  • Exclusive intellectual property rights
    Exclusive intellectual property rights

    We have obtained 5 software copyright of erbium glass, more than 30 patents and 18 patents are still in process. Our erbium glass, erbium glass lasers and laser rangefinder modules are all developed with mature technology.

  • Efficient solution proposals
    Efficient solution proposals

    With 24-hour service, according to customers’ needs to connect with our professional team, we will provide prompt, economical and efficient solution proposals after deep research and analysis.

  • Professional experts team
    Professional experts team

    From the raw materials to finished products, we provide technical support from our professional experts team.

  • Excellent after-sales service
    Excellent after-sales service

    We guarantee the lifelong after-sales service. With prompt response, we will help to solve any technical problems to make our customers with smoothly operating of all products.

Erbium Tech News

  • Waveband for optical fiber

    Optical fiber communication takes light as an information carrier to communicate. It can be transmitted through fiber core. However, not every beam of light is suitable for communication. Transmission loss varies with different waveband of light.  For achieving the less loss and being efficiently...

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  • 1535nm erbium glass applied into laser rangefin...

    Long-distance laser rangefinders have characters with low power consumption, small size and high in accuracy and safety. Currently, 1064nm emission wavelength, generally applied into laser rangefinders, is harmful for our retina and will bring hidden problems for our safety. Therefore, it is nece...

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  • New product release:1kHz High Repetition Rate ...

    Erbium Tech has been developing and researching a wide variety of diode lasers.Those days, we have released a new product-1kHz high repetition rate Eye-safe laser with 1535nm wavelength. It can be operated under -45~65℃ and gains good reputation from our customers. 1535n...

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  • Military Laser Rangefinder: Laser Rangefinders ...

    Military Laser Rangefinder is worldwide standard equipment with many forces. A Laser rangefinder is equipped with a digital magnetic compass and proficient in providing magnetic azimuth, inclination, and height of the target. This super exciting rangefinder is suitable for all the military servic...

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  • An important component of fiber laser: fiber-op...

    Fiber-optic combiner is a kind of optical fiber connector, which is able to couple optical energy that emitted from transmit-fiber into receive-fiber to the maximum by fiber fusion technology and minimum the impact on system. It is an important component in fiber laser system that directly decide...

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