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  • 1535nm Er, Cr, Yb: phosphate glass

    1535nm Er, Cr, Yb: phosphate glass

    Er, Cr,Yb phosphate glass is the raw material for making  the  solid gain medium crystal for flashlamp pumped lasers, the erbium-doped concentration is 0.13cm³~0.25cm³, and the light output energy is from millijoule to joule level. Erbium Glass doped with Er3+, Yb3+ and Cr3+, Erbium doped glass laser provides a useful coherent source in the spectral range near 1.5 μm, which is relatively safe for the human eye and is convenient in many applications, such as Lidar and range measurements, fiber-optic communication, and laser surgery. In spite of the considerable progress in the development of InGaAs laser diode pump sources, Xe flashlamp will continue to be used as pump sources of Er:glass lasers because of their high reliability and low cost, and also the simplicity of design of such systems. Since about half the flashlamp radiation energy is emitted in the visible and near infrared (IR) ranges, a second sensitizer Cr3+ is introduced into Yb-Er laser glasses to utilize this energy.

  • 1535nm Er,Yb phosphate glass

    1535nm Er,Yb phosphate glass

    The erbium doped concentration of the LD pumped laser glass is 0.25cm³~1.3cm³, and the light output energy ranges from microjoule to millijoule.Er, Yb co-doped phosphate glass, with wider wavelength tuning, lower RIN and narrower laser linewidth, higher conversion efficiency and very wide pump band. It is used to make optical waveguide amplifiers and lasers. The ideal material can achieve 1535nm laser output. As a 1535nm eye-safe radiation source pumped by laser diodes, it can emit eye-safe 1535nm laser radiation, which can be directly used for laser ranging and telecommunication. Recently, it has been used in optical fiber communication to replace EDFA because of more advantages.

  • 395nm UV Laser-300

    395nm UV Laser-300



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